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AGRITECHNICA 2023 - Growing Together

PETKUS presented its products and concepts for the future of seed and grain processing at AGRITECHNICA – the world’s leading agricultural trade fair – which was held again in Hanover after a four-year break.


At the AGRITECHNICA trade fair in Hanover, PETKUS showcased its innovative technologies tailored to diverse crops, presenting a vision for modern crop production. The company demonstrated effective strategies for minimizing after-harvest seed losses and enhancing seed quality.

Growing Together

Undoubtedly, the demand for seed and grain conditioning is on the rise.  Agritechnica 2023 provided a perfect opportunity for visitors to explore PETKUS' technologies. Among the multitude of visitors at the PETKUS booth, 28% hailed from various European countries, while an additional 24% traveled internationally to attend.

With a commitment to innovation, PETKUS reaffirmed its dedication to create joint solutions for sustainable growth, presenting post-harvest equipment that will make agricultural production more efficient, provide value-adding opportunities and lead to more sustainable production systems.

The exhibited seed and grain processing solutions featured several groundbreaking innovations, including the cleaner X80, gravity separator G35 midex, the new batch treater C200 Microdose Pro, the optical sorter OS f, the rotary cleaner SR, and the gravity separator G5 stone.

Live Demonstrations

The almost 200 square meter stand offered guests the opportunity to experience the machines in action.
The precision of the OS f optical sorter was vividly showcased in a live demonstration. The finesse of its capabilities was evident as it efficiently handled the sorting of the finest seeds, weighing a mere 1 gram per 1000 seeds.

Another highlight was the debut of the new batch treater C200 Microdose Pro. Visitors observed the results of the liquid dosing, appreciating the flexibility of the dosing system, offering various operating modes, including microdosing, loss-in-weight liquid dosing, and dosing with a magnetic inductor flowmeter. The treater's memory can store up to 500 different recipes and seed treatment programs for customer convenience.

Another notable highlight was the compact PETKUS cleaner X80, with a capacity of 80 t/h. Despite its compact size, the cleaner stood out due to its advanced three-channel air sifting system – the Airmax technology. This feature makes it an outstanding option for preliminary and commercial grain cleaning, particularly well-suited for small farms.

A Glimpse Into the Future of Agriculture

Agritechnica 2023 has not only been a showcase of cutting-edge machinery but also a space for forging meaningful connections, exploring new possibilities, and addressing the evolving challenges in the agricultural landscape. As we look ahead, PETKUS remains committed to driving innovation, collaborating with industry partners, and shaping a future where agricultural production is not only efficient but also environmentally conscious and sustainable.